Organisations to Help Disabled People in the United Kingdom

Living with a disability in the United Kingdom isn’t always easy, but it also does not have to be so difficult that you cannot live your daily life and enjoy your life, whether you have been disabled your entire life or you have recently suffered and injury or illness that has caused your disability. Although in the past there were only limited resources for individuals with disabilities in the United Kingdom, and throughout Europe and the rest of the world, in recent years, more laws have been passed, especially in the United Kingdom, that are making it easier to not only live and enjoy your life, but to bring more ease of living opportunities and access to services into your world. Now there are many organisations throughout the United Kingdom that are here are ready to help you get what you want and need for the future. If you need help for your disability, whether you need a carer, access to services, access to interpreters or other daily help, help finding a job, and more, there are organisations to help you. These organisations exist throughout the United Kingdom and are there to serve you, no matter what you may need. Here are some of the best organisations out there serving those with disabilities, no matter what your disability, right now.

  • The UK government. Make no mistake, the government of the United Kingdom takes disabilities very seriously, and has made strides to help ensure the safety and welfare of the people of the United Kingdom who are living with a disability. You can access information, services, and grants for living allowances, employment allowances, support allowances, carer allowances and more through the government.
  • Action for Blind People, which is a national organisation, works to improve the lives of blind individuals and those with only partial sight throughout the United Kingdom by providing services and assistance in making life easier.
  • Disability Rights UK is a non-profit organisation that works to help individuals throughout the United Kingdom get information on the law and their rights, help understanding their disabilities, tips on living with a disability, help getting a job, advice for students and those seeking independent living options, and more. The organisation also helps those who employ or serve individuals with disabilities to learn how to better serve them.
  • United Kingdom Disabled People’s Council works to assist those with disabilities in getting equality and equitable treatment in the workplace. They also work to educate the government and help to push for legislation that makes it life easier for those with disabilities.
  • Scope is a non-profit organisation in the United Kingdom that strives to make every part of life easier for those who are living with a disability. The group works to ensure that more than 250,000 individuals living with disabilities and the people who love them get accurate information, support, and guidance every year.
  • Canine Partners for Independence is a group that seeks to assist in training comfort and service dogs that meet the needs of individuals with disabilities. The group works to improve the quality of life led by hundreds of individuals with disabilities each year.
  • Carewell is an organisation aimed at assisting those who provide care for individuals with disabilities so that they may remain helpful to disabled persons and provide the best care possible.

Although this list includes some of the best and favourite organisations that help individuals with disabilities, there are dozens more groups out there that are willing, ready, and able to help. Searching for these groups online can help you get the care you need in time to make your life more fun to live.