Living With a Disability in the UK

When you’re living with a disability life gets frustrating. There’s simply no way around it. You have things to accomplish, education to receive, a job to get and hold onto, and a life to live. And when you can’t accomplish these things because your disability, or someone in your life or around your life, is getting in your way, you may feel like giving up and breaking down at times. But the truth is that you don’t have to give up. You can live your life to the fullest and enjoy all of the things that you want to enjoy just by learning to access tools, resources, and services that are meant just for you. Here are some of the best ways that you can help yourself make your life more meaningful and more full of joy right now.

  • Acknowledge your disability and own it, but don’t let it own you. Many people who have a disability allow their disability or what people have to say about it shape the way they live their lives. But before you hang up your basketball shoes just because you’re in a wheelchair, do an internet search for disabled basketball groups. You’d be surprised at just how many there are. And while it is hard work to do the things you love when you have a barrier like a disability, you will find that there are many individuals with the same disability who are willing to befriend you and help you through, and many non-profits and other groups out there ready to help you, too.
  • Learn about the disabled individuals government services that are available to you and make use of each and every service that you can. One thing that many disabled individuals give up is their education. It seems too difficult, too expensive, or there seem to be too many other barriers. The government has programs that will help you get extra money for your higher education, get a bus pass, and gain access to other services that will make getting an education easier for you. There are also programs to assist you with independent living, if you are able to live on your own. There are additionally programs to help you gain access to employment, if you are ready and able to take on a job.
  • Get out and live your life. Many places throughout the United Kingdom, including historic sites, museums, hotels, entertainment venues, and other locations are ready and able to accommodate your needs. Don’t ever feel that just because you have a disability you can’t do the things you used to do or access the activities you love or want to try. If you’ve had a disability your entire life, now is the time to get out and try new things. While 10 years ago, the services for those with disabilities may have been much more sparse, you have the ability to live and experience life now in ways that you never could before. Take advantage of these new accommodations and live your life the way you want to.
  • Get help with your emotions. When you’re frustrated or depressed over your disability, it’s important to seek out help. Whether that means talking to your best friend over a cup of coffee, visiting family to talk over your problems, or going to a mental health counsellor, it’s important to take care of your mental and emotional health. No matter what type of disability you have, physical or mental, it is important to get the assistance you need and to have someone you can lean on at all times.